Tadashi Matsushita

All Nippon Airways: Vice President of Strategic Planning, The Americashttp://www.ana.co.jp/asw/wws/us/e/
Served ANA for over 20 years

Challenged industry conventions and initiated the discussion for the corporate side on the Open Skies policy in Japan, in an effort to secure growth opportunities for the industry as well as protect consumer interests

Worked in concert with a Japanese think tank and managed activities within political circles and government agencies both in Japan and overseas

Played a significant role in establishing ANA’s strategic base in Hong Kong and expanding its business across Asia

Successfully led the launch of Japan’s first budget airline, Peach Aviation

Currently responsible for formulating and executing medium-term business plans in North America including leading the way to broadening ANA’s presence in the region, both by rethinking marketing strategies towards increased brand awareness and assimilating further into local communities