Principles in Vogue? What Communicators can Learn from Diplomacy & International Relations

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23 October 2018

05:00 PM

“In modern PR morality is not optional. It’s foundational.” 

Values and principles are central to functioning of the liberal democracies and free societies which so far have been the best long-term environments for business, fostering progress and shared wealth in the world. Despite the fact that more consumers are driven by belief-based companies, an average voter is still a “simple man” and therefore can be easily manipulated. And even the leading multinational companies are often still not too preocuppied with the high notions of morality or promoting a special competency in the international risks or affairs among its C-suite or top communicators. 

What lessons should organizations learn from Pepsi’s “revolutionary” advertising fiasco last year? What can Adidas learn from the reaction it received from the Eastern European countries after it introduced “USSR” themed brand of sports apparel? What businesses should learn from the actions of the malign foreign actors, influencing elections, challenging the role of democratic institutions and ways of life of others? Mistakes have been made in the past and they will be made in the future, especially by those who remain ignorant of history and international relationslessons. The learning companies, however, will learn and thrive even in the most uncertain world.

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