The Culture Conundrum – Culture-in-Brands or Brands-in-Culture. Or both. A Meditation. And Conversation

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25 October 2017

11:30 AM

Wikipedia would tell you that “culture” is the “social behavior and norms found in human societies.” And the definition and discussion – scholarly and less so – soaks up plenty of gigabytes from there.

In the microcosm of society that is the marketing services world, culture can be good or bad, sought after or reviled, who we are or who we want to be, what we are a part of or what we run counter to and,  sometimes, just the Holy Grail. 

As marketers in the supersonic speed driven world of massive “cultural” convergence we face a cultural conundrum. Should we be honing and nurturing brand or corporate culture to create a stand-alone “society” that adds value internally and externally  and/or leaping headlong into the right platforms at the right times, piercing the din of snaps and tweets and business-as-usual Insta stories and bravely weaving the brand into the culture-at-large in all its writhing and ever-morphing glory?

Or fusing the two?

And if micro and macro cultural fusion is our endgame are we risking culture clash?

We’ll lay out the realities and risks and get insights and perspective from two senior marketers from two culture-savvy brands – Excedrin and Royal Caribbean.  And we’ll aim to chart a course that navigates the “Culture Conundrum” to deliver effective work and long-term value for brands and companies. 

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