Elisa Kreisinger

Refinery29: Executive Producerhttp://www.refinery29.com/

    Elisa Kreisinger is currently an Executive Producer at Refinery29 where she hosts and produces the top 10 podcast and video series, Strong Opinions Loosely Held (SOLH). SOLH won a 2017 DigiDay Award and was a 2017 Webby Honoree. It is the fastest growing franchise at Refinery29. Elisa spent the last two years scaling Refinery29's video content so that now, three out of 4 women on Facebook see the company's video content. But visibility comes with responsibility: Elisa speaks frequently on the power of creating a more inclusive media and pop culture, most recently at MIT Media Lab, Harvard Law School, SxSW and Sapient Nitro Ad Agency. 

    Outside of Refinery29, Elisa is a Women in Technology Fellow at NYU School of Engineering. She's also an "influencer": Her US Copyright Office testimony helped win crucial exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, setting the stage for video to dominate across social platforms. Elisa's solo gallery show resulted in a US Copyright Office White paper on internet meme culture. She writes a weekly newsletter for women who have a full time job and keeping up with the internet isn't it at Tinyletter.com/popculturepirate.