Expect the Unexpected

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22 May 2019

12:30 PM

A more connected world means trends and technologies can rise and fall at a rate previously unimagined. A hundred million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold since late 2014; in contrast it took 15 years for mobile phones to reach 100 million users (and just 15 days for the Candy Crush app). Stock prices soar and fall in response to the twittersphere.

Pats McDonald, Managing Director, Strategy & Insight, Weber Shandwick, will be joined on stage by special guests to discuss this core question: if volatility is the new normal, how will some of the key tensions play out in the world of data, commerce and communications? Tensions such as those around the role of privacy versus personalisation, authenticity versus ever more credible fakes and instant gratification versus self-care; issues that will coexist throughout 2019 and beyond, requiring all brands to think hard about how they behave in a world of managed tensions and complexities.

Moderator and Speakers