Transform or Die: Cracking Content to Commerce and the CMO Challenge

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23 May 2017

09:00 AM

With the digital revolution, the growing appreciation of the value of reputation and engagement, and rising concern over declining trust in business and institutions, PR is undoubtedly growing in influence. 

But the industry shouldn't count its chickens yet. PR is still a fraction of global marketing spend and most agency business models are still traditional, focusing on time billed on time sheets,  while most PR campaigns are still about awareness rather than shifting measurable units of product. If PR is to be a real, sustainable partner to CMOs it has to truly embrace business transformation and 'content to commerce'.

In this session Weber Shandwick's UK & EMEA CEO Colin Byrne introduces leaders from two recently acquired transformational businesses: Prime, the world's most creative and Cannes Lions-winning PR agency, and mobile marketing agency Flipside and other special guests.

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