Paul Quigley

NewsWhip: Co-founder and CEO

Paul Quigley is co-founder and CEO of NewsWhip, a platform that predicts engagement with news stories and social media content. NewsWhip is used by communicators and journalists around the world to spot important stories, unpack crises and issues, and create data informed media plans and content strategies.

Paul is deeply interested in how ideas spread, and in the impact of the recent rise of content personalization and misinformation. He is a winner of the Emerging EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Eir Spider Awards, and the Holmes Report Innovator 25, 2019.

Before founding NewsWhip, Paul was a litigator in two New York law firms, focused on antitrust and international commercial disputes. He holds law degrees from Trinity College Dublin, where he was a scholar and gold medallist, and New York University, where he was a Hugo Grotious Scholar.