Erin Gentry

Hill+Knowlton Strategies: US President and Global Head of Client Services
As the Global-Co Lead of Client Services, Erin Gentry leads the client service function in the Americas, focusing her time on H+K's largest clients across the region. In this role, Erin is responsible for working collaboratively with H+K's senior leadership to guide and support global client leaders and ensure stability and vibrancy among our most important client relationships throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

Since assuming the role in 2012, Erin has worked to establish client leadership as a career path at H+K through the development of an in-depth training module to ensure consistency across the regions with regard to our approach to client services and the principles that guide the agency and its client leaders.

Erin is responsible for establishing relationships built on trust with H+K's client leaders with a mindset toward problem solving, encouraging growth and presenting new ideas, tools and innovative strategies. The Client Services function aims to continually bring our clients unexpected ideas and solutions to their most pressing communications challenges and to support and retain our best talent at H+K.

Erin is responsible for implementing our annual global client satisfaction survey, designed to uncover our opportunities to grow and discover areas where the agency should focus investment and training in the upcoming year.

Erin's first passion is working personally with her clients to bring them her expertise in crisis communications, reputation management, message development, media relations and campaign leadership. Her experience over the last decade with Public Strategies and Hill+Knowlton Strategies spans Fortune 500 clients in QSR, retail, investment banking, healthcare and energy.