Lost in Translation: Why there’s a Proof Gap between you and your C-suite

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22 October 2019

01:35 PM

Survey after survey indicates that the eternal argument about marketing and PR ROI is coming to a head.  Volatility in the global economy, combined with spiking C-suite frustration and exploding access to data and analytics, is forcing the debate to a real and defined conclusion.

For years, the discussion about marketing and PR value and ROI have been dominated by functional leaders and their agencies. Opinions and “proprietary models” have proliferated. Agencies have purchased technology stacks and talent, yet most have failed to make measurement and analytics a mandatory part of their operating system.

Yet the crucial voice in the conversation – that of the C-suite – has been largely absent.

“Lost in Translation” is a unique opportunity to hear exactly what business leaders think. Four panelists include a CEO, a CFO, a major business unit leader, and a top board member. Two are top functional leaders with decidedly business-first views on marketing and communications ROI. 

The conversation will be jam-packed with new insights and clear, unambiguous and dependable advice on how you can bridge the Proof Gap between you and your C-suite:

·       Why your C-suite is probably really frustrated with you, and what to do about it

·       Why your budget keeps getting cut, and why that’s likely to happen again in 2020

·       Why your data is not convincing, and what to do about it

·       What is the difference between Value and ROI?

·       Why does the C-suite care so much about your Value and ROI?

·       What does proof of Impact, Value and ROI look like?

·       What you need to do to satisfy your C-suite once and for all

It’s time to bring the questions about marketing and PR’s business value to an end. “Lost in Translation” is designed to help you do just that.

Also, see Bob Beauchamp’s op-ed on “The Proof Gap” here: https://www.holmesreport.com/latest/article/why-the-'proof-gap'-is-an-existential-threat-to-cmos-ccos

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