How Belief-Driven Buying is Changing the Way Companies do Business

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24 October 2018

03:05 PM

In today’s world, a brand’s values are no longer just for building loyalty and word-of-mouth, they must now be evident across every touchpoint, throughout the consumer journey. At a time that disruption in media and changing consumption behaviors are making it harder for brands to engage the attention of consumers, Edelman’s 2018 Earned Brand Study (just released on 10/2/18), tells a compelling story. Your brand purpose, what you stand for as a company and a brand, is more important in getting people to buy, advocate and defend your company than your product features or offers. Big statement, big finding. Join Edelman’s Senior Leadership as they share the most salient findings from the just-released study and explore the ways in which brands can successfully engage consumer attention, drive sales and advocacy with c-suite leaders from consumer brands who are learning to navigate in this age of belief-driven buying.

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