Applying the Science of Human Behaviour to the Art of Communications

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24 October 2018

01:30 PM

As communicators we have always known that people act in ways that are often surprising and seemingly irrational. People do not always switch to a better or cheaper product. Employees are sometimes resistant to change that would benefit both them and their company. Almost all of us do not save, exercise or eat as healthily as we know we should. But it’s only in the last decade or so that behavioural science has begun to help us really understand why this is. To put it simply: our feelings and habits not only influence how we think, but are more important than our conscious and rational thoughts. What we then do, our behaviour, is likewise not usually driven by rational thought.

It’s led to the creation of teams of behavioural economists and similar specialists in government and business.

The PR industry needs to catch-up. We’ve moved on from the days where our primary expertise was a knowledge of how the media works. As more of our communications become direct to audience, we need to become expert in the science of how people actually think, behave and make decisions.

In this interactive session, hear from Jenny Isaacson, VP of Strategic Projects and Partnerships at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network on their latest campaign including how they used behavioural science to inform their messages, learn from one of H+K’s leading Behavioral Scientists Thea Knight and put yourselves to the test – do you really know yourself as well as you think...?

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