Vicks’ Courageous Stand in India that Redefined Family Care

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24 October 2018

11:20 AM

In an onstage discussion that promises to be both moving and powerful, Rema Vasan of MSL will interview Gauri Sawant, the hero of the acclaimed Vicks #TouchofCare campaign in India alongside Rekha Rao from MSL’s India office who was instrumental in guiding the campaign.

Vicks (P&G) had long aligned its brand around ‘family care’ in India, a society rooted in conservative values and a traditional definition of family.  But with traditional thinking changing and social values shifting quickly, Vick’s needed to connect with the real lives of real people in the new India where people often look to colleagues, neighbors and friends as family.  In 2017, Vicks set off to evolve its brand and recalibrate and widen the traditional definition of family in India to ‘family is where care is.’

The Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign is the heart-warming true story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender woman who takes on the parenting responsibility of a young orphan girl. 

Following a beautiful digital film about the relationship between Gauri Sawant and her daughter, Gauri stepped up as the face of the Vicks campaign, becoming a powerful voice for a new definition of care and driving a conversation that took the country by storm.  Gauri was featured on many of the most powerful media platforms in India, gained the support of some of India’s most powerful celebrities and lit up social media platforms, becoming an overnight sensation.  

The campaign not only had strong impact by strengthening the Vicks brand in the marketplace, it also contributed to a growing conversation about social change occurring across India.  Just weeks ago, the Constitution bench of the country's top court removed the 150-year old ban on gay sex, decriminalizing homosexuality. This verdict came almost four and a half years after Gauri led the battle for equality and dignity for Transgenders in India, that resulted in the Supreme Court delivering its landmark judgment recognizing the transgender (TG) community as a third gender.

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