Think Small. Go Big: Today, All PR is Local

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23 October 2018

04:20 PM

Fifteen years ago, the largest companies were the most respected. Size and scale meant trust and esteem. But a new trended Harris Poll study reveals that in the years following the global financial crisis the companies with best reputations are now smaller, regional players or large companies who purposely “act local” with intimate customer service and values that resonate within their local consumer communities. And in today’s world of fake news and alt-facts, companies who speak out on issues they believe will help the communities they serve are lifting up the public perceptions of their firm.

This signals a new paradigm shift in the PR industry, where strategies are designed from the ground up and public relations now means ‘public advocacy’. PR agencies are stewards of the company’s culture and expected to design inclusive strategies that connect with employees, communities and customers.  In a world where ‘everyone can be an elite’, the rise of local PR is the new defining factor of modern reputation.

Led by Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema, this panel will leverage proprietary data on consumer sentiment towards the actions of today’s modern ‘public’ companies and will unpack how PR agencies can reorganize themselves to become more like public advocates and position the company’s local values of service and betterment as media that creates value for customers, the marketplace and society.

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