Enhancing Profitability and Growth

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22 October 2018

04:45 PM

Driving growth and profitability is a business imperative that ensures a firm’s long-term success. Decisions about how to invest--be it by acquisition or hiring the best talent-- are critical for the sustainability and success of a firm.  When it comes to driving growth and profitability, there really is no “one-size-fits-all approach”, but there are plenty of models to consider.

After Davis & Gilbert shares the results of its annual proprietary research and survey, it will moderate a distinguished panel of CEOs from leading public relations firms. Distinguished Panelists will share their experiences in leading strategic initiatives such as the following:

· A well designed and orchestrated employee training program is more than simply another expense line-item in the budget.  These programs, when thoughtfully implemented have demonstrated measurable return-on-investment in client demand, client satisfaction and lower employee turnover.

· How to affect an organizational overhaul-- transitioning from the traditional PR agency model to more of a communications consultancy (inspired by management consulting firms), while staying true to the core strength of the firm’s ability to innovate and deliver bold creative ideas to their clients.

· The use of an acquisition strategy to grow and remain independent, and

· Various financial metrics and controls employed to manage growth and profitability, including any reporting technologies and products employed to aid the process.

Moderator and Speakers

22 Oct 2018

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