Organic Authority: Corporate Reputation, Brand and PR Leadership in the Era of the Greater Good

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24 October 2017

02:55 PM

In today’s open, social and transparent marketplace, corporate reputation, public affairs and brand marketing are mashed up in the public’s mind. New research from the Harris Poll reveals the inter-relationship between reputation, brand equity and consumer intent, suggesting companies with good products can take greater stands in society, while those with corporate scandals, toxic cultures and other ethical lapses are taking greater risks to the bottom line, regardless of their brand’s quality or image.

With proprietary data, case studies and practical takeaways, this talk by Harris Poll CEO, John Gerzema, will share new concepts in PR leadership in guiding firm strategy, from innovation, HR and firm culture, marketing, branding and managing change. Today, the best run firms today understand they aren’t selling brands people buy, but ones they buy into. This is ‘culture as business model’. In this new world, PR needs to lead by taking the company’s vision and expressing it in society and the marketplace, through ‘HR’, innovation, brand marketing, in short... everything.


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