B Corps and Public Benefit Companies: Changing the Face of Business One Story at a Time

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24 October 2017

02:00 PM

In a world where many believe the purpose of being a public corporation is to maximize shareholder value, more and more companies are finding a way to achieve their financial goals while also doing good. They have become “public benefit companies” and “B Corporations,” designations that require them to balance the interests of stakeholders with creating a positive impact on society.


Scott Allison, CEO of Allison+Partners talks to senior communications and marketing executives from DanoneWave, Seventh Generation and Patagonia about the journey from intent to certification and the critical role communications plays in explaining what these certifications mean to the public, the benefits they bring and how it will ultimately manifest within a business. As these insiders share their stories, you’ll learn how you too can make the internal case for becoming a company focused on catalyzing change in the world, while also making a profit. 


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