Bot or Not: How and When to Use AI to Market Your Brand… and When Not to.

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24 October 2017

11:05 AM

It is the job of CMOs and CCOs to deliver a brand voice that is authentic and elicits trust and loyalty. Are you ready to give that voice over to a chatbot? How can you ensure it will represent your brand well? At what point should a human take over the conversation? 

Natural language conversations powered by AI are emerging as the newest consumer touchpoint that has marketers rethinking the traditional meaning of brand voice. In this session, Chad Latz will discuss the impact that AI, chatbots and conversational design are having on brand communications, customer service, personalized shopping recommendations and more. He’ll address why marketers need to think literally about what the voice of their brand should be in order to strike an emotional connection with their target audience while delivering on functional brand objectives. 

Chad will be joined on stage by brand marketing executives to share their experiences, perspectives and rationale for chatbot implementation, as well as their outlook on how the communication opportunities in this space will expand in the future. 

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