Reset: Business and Society in the New Social Landscape

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24 October 2017

10:00 AM

As consumers, our access to—and appetite for—information about what and how we buy continues to grow. Powered by social media, increasingly we look at the companies behind the products and are disappointed when their actions do not meet our expectations. With engaged citizens acting as 24/7 auditors of corporate behavior, one formerly trusted company after another has had their business disrupted with astonishing velocity in the wake of what, in the past, might have been written off as a bad media cycle. Gone are the days when a company could hide behind “socially responsible” branding or when marketing controlled the corporate narrative. That control has shifted to engaged stakeholders in the new social landscape, requiring a more radical change to company practices.

Join Barie Carmichael, ex head of corporate communications for Visa and Dow Corning — currently a Batten Fellow at The University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate Business School — to discuss lessons learned from her upcoming book, which traces the global decline of trust in business at the same time that the public’s expectations for business’s role in society is increasing.

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