Going for the Gold & Embracing the Future

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23 October 2017

04:05 PM

Technology has forever changed all businesses, including the public relations business.  Yet, Blockbuster passed up buying Netflix and Kodak passed on buying Instagram.  What opportunities is your firm letting pass you by? In a business environment changing more quickly than ever, the best firms are nimble and have learned to adapt quickly to the constant state of change.

In this panel discussion moderated by Davis & Gilbert, leading industry entrepreneurs and change agents will discuss how they have grown their firms beyond even their own expectations to keep up with change.  Panelists will discuss the transformation of their organizations -- from how their firms have expanded their client offerings to a full range of integrated marketing, content creation, digital storytelling and measurement; to why their firms have grown from one operating company to multiple operating companies; to how they are meeting the constant challenge of attracting and retaining the right mix of talent.  Panelists will explore what structural and operational obstacles often stand in the way of embracing change for maximum growth.  Insights will also be shared about how any pr firm—regardless of size—can dedicate itself to a clear vision of growth by embracing change. 

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23 Oct 2017

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