The Independent PR Firm Forum

Living Your Values, Building Your Value

This year’s Independent PR Firm Forum—which takes place in Washington, DC, on October 22—will be divided into two halves: the first two sessions focused on values, the second two on value.

The first of our two values sessions, led by our founding Independent PR Firm Frum partner thenetworkone, will focus on understanding the growing importance of values to clients—and the ability of public relations firms to contribute with real ideas that communicate purpose and corporate responsibility. It will feature speakers who have built agencies or practices focused on helping clients communicate their values.

The second will examine the role that values play in managing a PR agency, and will bring together firms from around the world who have made values-based management central to the way they do business, from recruiting and rewarding their people to understanding the social impact of their work.

The final two sessions will focus on value: the first on various new data and analytics tools that are helping PR firms demonstrate the value they add to their clients; the second in building more value into PR agency businesses—whether the plan is to sell or simply to maximize growth and profitability.

We will be announcing moderators and speakers for all of these sessions—drawn from the ranks of successful independent PR firms from around the world—in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about how values and value should factor into the management of your independent PR firm, you can register for the Forum—and the two-day PRovoke summit that follows it—now, while our early-bird discount price is still in effect.