Public Relations in Emerging Markets


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31 October 2012


04:00 PM



Name:Madan Bahal


Position:Managing director

Madan Bahal was born in a year cataclysmic for India: in 1956 the nation re-organised the names and territories of its states and the architect of its Constitution, Dr BR Ambedkar, converted to Buddhism. Almost subconsciously, these two themes, re-organisation and conversion, became the leitmotif of Madan’s professional life. After his college degree, Madan attempted to join the multinatio...


Name:Mohamed Al-Ayed


Position:President & CEO

Mohamed A. Al Ayed is a pioneer in developing the practice of public relations in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East and has established himself as the world’s leading Gulf Arab public relations practitioner. An American-educated Saudi holding an honors degree in Modern Languages, he began his career as a public relations officer for Saudi Arabian Marketing and Refining Company (SAMARE...

Name:Roma Balwani


Position:Group head of communications

Roma Balwani has carved out a reputation as one of India's most outspoken PR professionals, both inside and outside her company—a reputation that made her an obvious candidate for one of our SABRE Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement, to be presented at our annual Asia-Pacific awards dinner in Hong Kong on September 26. In recent years, she has elevated public relations at automoti...

Name:Angela Nganga-Mumo


Position:Chief corporate comms officer


  • Adfactors PR CEO Madan Bahal discusses change in India's PR industry