Successfully Entering China: A Matter of What to Know


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31 October 2012


03:15 PM


Successfully Entering Asia: A Matter of What to Know As more Western brands seek entry into Asia, many are quickly discovering that there are numerous obstacles to overcome before realising any rewards. In China, for example, the challenges that companies are confronted with include the language barrier, diverse spectrum of cultures, distinct business styles and vast media landscape. All of these factors must be carefully considered by any foreign company, irrespective of shape or size, when aiming to tap the market successfully.


Name:Richard Tsang

Company:Strategic Public Relations Gp.

Position:Chairman and MD

Richard Tsang is an investor relations/PR veteran with over 20 years of industry experience in Asia. In 1995, at the age of 29, he founded Strategic Public Relations Group (“SPRG”) in Hong Kong, and in less than 15 years, has built it into the largest Asian independent PR network and the largest PR consultancy in Hong Kong. Richard was elected Vice President, Asia-Pacific of Public Re...


Name:Stephen Forshaw


Position:Head of communications

Stephen   Forshaw   is   Managing   Director   Corporate   Affairs   for Singapore-based investment company, Temasek.  Temasek is an Asia investment  institution,  managing  an  investment  portfolio  of  S$193 billion (as at 31 March 2011).   Mr Forshaw joined  Temasek in A...

Name:Anthony Rose


Position:VP, corporate affairs

Anthony Rose currently serves as Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Walmart, based at the Regional headquarters in Hong Kong from where he leads the Corporate Affairs function for Walmart in Asia. Anthony began his Corporate Affairs and Influencer Marketing career in 1991. Prior to joining Walmart in 2010, Anthony held a range of Corporate Affairs and Influencer Marketing roles across Asia and No...