The Growing Importance of Personal Connections in an Increasingly Impersonal World


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31 October 2012


11:00 AM


In the midst of a changing and evolving communications landscape there is an ever-increasing and immediate need for empathy. Companies must be able to refine their message in order to connect with specific markets and show their business is operating with the public’s best interest in mind. There is a struggle to find the words that really connect—both in a personal and online sense—and messages that go one step further and move an empowered public to take action. How can businesses succeed in finding true connections with their digital audiences? What resonates with an empowered public? How can companies be empathetic via online channels?


Name:Jack Martin

Company:Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Position:Global chairman and CEO

Jack Martin, the founder and chairman of leading communications consultancy Public Strategies, Inc., became global chairman and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies on January 1, 2011. He set the bar high: To make H+K Strategies an unparalleled global source for strategic guidance and creative solutions for industry leaders whose audiences cross national, geographic and cultural borders. To strengthen...


Name:Stephen Forshaw


Position:Head of communications

Stephen   Forshaw   is   Managing   Director   Corporate   Affairs   for Singapore-based investment company, Temasek.  Temasek is an Asia investment  institution,  managing  an  investment  portfolio  of  S$193 billion (as at 31 March 2011).   Mr Forshaw joined  Temasek in A...

Name:Peter Zandan

Company:Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Position:Vice chair, research

Peter Zandan, vice chair of research for Hill+Knowlton Strategies, helps direct strategic initiatives as the worldwide research practice group leader. He has been instrumental in developing the firm’s reputation management and communications research offerings. Zandan has provided assistance with international brand development for clients in the financial services, energy, technology, heal...


  • Stephen Forshaw, Managing Director for Corporate Affairs at Temasek Holdings at Global PR Summit