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31 October 2012


08:10 AM


CSR: Turning Purpose into Return with Jens Bang and Craig Bida
Today’s global business environment is a blur of stakeholder demands, increasing expectations and competitive hurdles. Now, companies must prove progress beyond purpose to demonstrate economic and social return to all vested stakeholders. How are leading companies proving a spectrum of commitments that make meaningful differences for their business, brand and society at large? Join Cone Communications CEO, Jens Bang, and executive vice president of Social Impact, Craig Bida, in a thought-provoking discussion of how best-in-class companies are turning purpose into return.

Communicating From Why with John Davies
Every single person, every single organization knows what they do, 100 percent. But very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do. By "why" I don't mean "to win” or “to make a profit." That's a result. By "why" I mean: What's your purpose? What's your cause? What's your belief? What gets you out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care? Most companies never share a why. But the inspired leaders and the inspired organizations, regardless of their size, regardless of their industry, all think, act and communicate from why.

Communication Simulation: Gaming It Out with Alan Kelly
Would Virgin Airways put pilots in planes without putting them first in flight simulators?  Not today.  Would Navy Seals green-light a mission without simulating a surprise?  Unlikely.  It’s about limiting risk.  Maximizing investment.  Exploring options.  And achieving the right outcome.  So why aren't you, a professional communicator, doing the same with your team?  Join Alan Kelly, Founder and CEO of Playmaker Systems, in an eye-opening exercise that cuts the ribbon to a new frontier – Communication Simulation.  Using the standard U.S. Dept. of Defense wargame model, attendees will compete and collaborate as role players in two popular cases of business and politics.  Using Playcaller, a first-of-its-kind communications strategy app, they’ll pinpoint and game-out their best options for success.  Tuesday’s session: Gaming out a reputation crisis; Wednesday's session: Gaming out an election's Hail Mary. 

Integrated Reporting: An Opportunity for PR with Daniel Tisch
There’s a quiet revolution happening in corporate reporting, promising benefits for those who lead organizations, those who invest in them, and those who communicate their stories. It’s called integrated reporting – the presentation of an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects within its full commercial, social and environmental context. The goal: to give shareholders and stakeholders alike a truer picture of how the organization creates value over time. Integrated reporting is too important to be left to the accountants alone! Join Global Alliance chair Daniel Tisch, the PR industry’s representative on the International Integrated Reporting Council, for a discussion about how the public relations profession can make the most of this opportunity.

PR measurement: Size Isn¹t the Only Thing That Matters with Ian Lipner
Ask someone to measure something, and the first thing they¹ll likely do is look for a ruler, or a tape measure, or maybe a scale. Perhaps it¹s due to human nature, but all of us have a bit of a measurement bias. We spend way too much time quantifying things only in terms of amplitude. How big is it? How long is it? How wide? How heavy? The public relations field was long guilty of this same bias. For years, when asked to measure our results, we responded with the number of clippings we placed. If our stack of clippings was taller than our peers’, we won. Fast forward a few years and we¹ve learned quite a bit about measurement with the arrival of the Internet and social networks. This session will explore: Why volume metrics alone don¹t tell the entire story; What a more comprehensive approach to measurement looks like; The importance of KPIs; and Some of the tools to help you measure.

Rising Asia: Implications for Global PR industry with Jai Xavier Prabhu David
As Asia becomes the global economic engine, it is sooner or later will become the engine for PR industry as well globally. The rise and growth of Asia is likely to impact the global PR industry in multiple ways and will lead to new learnings and models. Developed economies where PR took roots till now have been relatively homogenous albeit with localizations to a certain extent; Asia will see that changing and you will see multiple new approaches as the stronger and more complex culture and ethos force the same upon players and companies.

Storytelling with Dominic Payling
In our noisy world the attention needed to create awareness, to change a reputation, or simply to sell more stuff, is worth more than ever. So what story should your organization tell to achieve one or all of these? Who should tell it? And where and how?

Sustainability as a Critical Measure of Business Reputation with Luke Lambert
When stakeholders assess a company’s reputation today, they also want to understand how well a business manages its environmental, societal and governance performance. This broadened definition of sustainability is one of the standards by which an organization is judged for its preparedness to compete under modern business conditions. As a result, we are seeing growth in sustainability reporting from global businesses, increased attention on sustainable development from mainstream investors and employee demand for a culture of heightened corporate responsibility. Gibbs & Soell CEO Luke Lambert will facilitate a discussion on best practices for engaging with the front lines of sustainability stakeholders and will share results of the third edition of the G&S Sense & Sustainability Study.

Trends in Eastern Europe That May Lead to Changes in the West with Max Behar
The public relations business in the Eastern part of Europe had changed in the past decade. In some cases, transparency, ethical precepts and innovations in social media seem to evolve much faster and easier in the countries where PR business is new and fast-developing. What are the lessons that the developed markets can learn from the East, and what are the areas where the East continues to lag?

The State of Reputation Management in LatAm with Luisa Garcia and Jorge Cachinero
Three major paradigm shifts are currently taking place within the corporate and financial worlds: Firstly, a revolution of communication and information technologies is providing citizens with a power that was previously restricted to traditional mass media. Secondly, the continuing financial crisis is challenging the credibility of governments, institutions and corporations. And thirdly, business models are no longer acceptable unless—in addition to a fair return to their shareholders—they create share value for all stakeholders. This panel will explore how these shifts are playing out in the dynamic Latin American markets.

The World’s Greatest Brands in 2020 (and How PR Can Influence the List) with Mark Choueke
There are few sources of competitive advantage that cannot be duplicated by your competitors. The world’s great brands of 2020 and beyond will be those applying focus to managing intangible assets: brand and reputation, entrenching leadership and values, investing in creativity and content and developing inspired relationships and trust with all their stakeholders. PR is ripe to lead if it aspires to but a step-change is required. The discipline must look to managing the intangibles that affect not just reputation but cash flow and capital value; which can drive advocacy, build communities, inspire movements and create cultural, social and economic change.


Name:Jens Bang


Position:Chief executive officer

CEO Jens Bang brings a strong background in consumer products marketing and management to Cone. Bang, twice a Cone client over a 20-year period, joined the agency in 1997 as Partner, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, was appointed President and COO in 1999, and was named CEO in 2005. He divides his time between day-to-day operations, client work and new business outreach. With...

Name:Maxim Behar

Company:Chairman, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Czech Republic

Position:CEO & Chairman of the Board, M3 Communications Group

In 1994, Maxim Behar founded M3 Communication Group, Inc., the leader in the field of public and media relations in Bulgaria. Since then Mr. Behar is the company's Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors. In February, 2011, The Holmes Report announced M3 Communications Group, Inc. as the Best Consultancy in Eastern Europe for 2011. The company's clients list consist of globally re...

Name:Craig Bida


Position:Executive VP

Craig brings more than 20 years of experience spanning the private, public and nonprofit sectors – successfully partnering with companies, government agencies and nonprofits to drive business growth, while addressing pressing societal needs. Most recently, Craig worked for 11 years in marketing at Procter & Gamble, where he led marketing and business strategy on some of the world's lead...

Name:Jorge Cachinero

Company:Llorente & Cuenca

Position:Group Senior Director for Reputation, Innovation and Corporate Development

Jorge Cachinero is the Group Senior Director of Reputation, Innovation and Corporate Development in LLORENTE & CUENCA and a Professor at the IE Business School of Madrid, where he obtained his Executive MBA. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Spanish Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership and a member of the Real Instituto Elcano's, the Spanish le...

Name:Mark Choueke

Company:Good Relations Group

Position:New business director

Mark Choueke joined Chime as a consultant working across its PR division in January 2012. Since then he has provided strategic and media counsel to a range of global clients including Kraft Foods, Experian and SABMiller. Then in the wake of Chime’s disposal of Bell Pottinger, Mark chose to stay with the parent company and help to build its new PR offering in the form of the Good Relati...

Name:John Davies



John Davies has quietly grown Davies to become one of the nation’s top 20 public affairs firms, by applying precise implementation of thoughtful and innovative strategies, compelling messages and flawless execution, thereby successfully changing public perception. John clearly understands the business of persuasion. He is constantly searching for trends and methods to utilize on behalf of ...

Name:Luisa Garcia

Company:Llorente & Cuenca

Position:Partner and CEO, Andean region

Luisa began her career in our firm at the Madrid office in 1999. In 2002, she took on the responsibility of founding the Panama operation, which in just four years became the leading communications consultancy in the country and the entire region of Central America. Since 2007 she has headed the LLORENTE & CUENCA office in Peru, sector leader in the country and the only communications consult...

Name:Alan Kelly

Company:Playmaker Systems


Alan Kelly is a visionary strategist, author, professor, political analyst, and award-winning Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Today he is Founder and CEO of Playmaker Systems, LLC, a Washington D.C. area management consulting firm that specializes in competitive strategy and whose services and products are based on a breakthrough decision system for influence professionals. The firm’s clients a...

Name:Luke Lambert

Company:Gibbs & Soell

Position:Chief executive officer

As president and CEO of Gibbs & Soell, Luke sets the vision for the agency. He is responsible for the independent business communication firm’s global operations and performance, including the agency’s client service, business development and strategic growth initiatives. Luke joined G&S in 1996 and became president in 2009. He was named CEO on March 1, 2012. He plays an ...

Name:Ian Lipner


Position:Vice President

Ian has headed LEWIS' Washington DC office since opening the location in 2004. He calls upon 15 years' experience directing PR programs for large entities such as AARP, Lexmark, Sprint and Unisys, as well as in guiding communications strategy for a wide range of startups and challenger technology brands. Ian also leads product development on an international level for LEWIS, aiming to arm the com...

Name:Dominic Payling


Position:Head of planning

Dominic joined MSL as Planning Director in May 2008. He is an insight and creativity expert who believes that through the ‘magic’ and ‘rigour’ of storytelling he can help deliver the big ideas that connect brands with consumers 1:1. He has 20 years of experience gained in both leading consultancy and in-house positions. He has worked client and agency side b2b, in...

Name:Xavier Prabhu


Position:Founder & CEO

A leading thinker/consultant on branding & communication globally, Xavier combines his deep subject knowledge with his role as an entrepreneur over the past 9 years in founding and helping grow PRHUB into one of India's promising consulting-led full services PR boutiques. Ranked among the country's top 20 PR firms and as Top 11 in Technology PR, it's one of the few independent PR firms in Indi...

Name:Daniel Tisch

Company:Global Alliance for PR


Daniel Tisch is widely known as an international public relations practitioner, speaker, writer and industry leader. He is the Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the confederation of the world's major communications industry associations, a Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society, and CEO of Argyle Communications, one of Canada's premier indepe...