The Grayling Lecture: The Ethics Of Influence


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30 October 2012


08:05 PM


The Levenson enquiry in the UK is reviewing the role of the press in the light of the phone hacking scandals. Prime Minister David Cameron is asking questions about the future of lobbying. Is it time we had a set of moral and ethical rules that govern public relations? Peter Chadlington, after nearly 50 years in the PR business, will examine some key moral questions. Is it ever right to lie? Is any client—whatever its moral issues—entitled to PR representation? Should PR people with a client interest be anonymous on social media? What are the rules of the new world of communications?


Name:Peter Chadlington

Company:Huntsworth Group

Position:Group chief executive

Lord Chadlington has spent his entire working life in communications, as a journalist after graduating from Cambridge University and later in public relations both in-house and consultancy. He founded Shandwick in 1974 and the company was publicly listed in 1984. He established Shandwick as the largest PR consultancy in the UK, holding that position for the next 17 years. He built the firm overs...