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30 October 2012


03:45 PM


Human beings are uniquely wired to understand, remember and repeat stories. Long before there was the written word there was the Campfire… the place our ancestors passed stories along from one person to the next keeping them alive for millennia before we developed the ability to write them down. The panel will cover the ingredients of successful storytelling; what a successful story does for a brand in terms of creating awareness, engagement and purchase intent; what makes a narrative repeatable and shareable and how to enlist consumers to share your brand’s story; how a compelling narrative can change your relationship with the consumer, inspire brand passion and lifetime loyalty; and how a brand narrative can assure that you are telling a consistent, compelling and memorable story internally and externally and in your paid, owned and earned channels.


Name:Susan Bean

Company:Marina Maher Comms

Position:Executive Vice President, Creative Catalyst Group

Experience As the leader of MMC’s Creative Catalyst Group, Susan oversees strategies for traditional media, social media and experiential events. She works with experts in each of these disciplines to develop differentiating brand narratives that attract and engage the media and target consumers. Susan, an Emmy award-winning former investigative journalist and producer, had a 2...


Name:Ambre Morley

Company:Novo Nordisk

Position:Head of corp comms

Name:Kelly Vanasse

Company:Procter & Gamble

Position:Vice president, communications

A 20+ year Marketing Communications professional, Kelly currently leads External Relations for the Global Beauty & Grooming business unit, comprised of 16 of P&G’s top 43 brands including Gillette, Olay, Braun, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, and SKII, and accounting for more than 50% of the Company’s sales and profits. As Vice President of Communications, Kelly leads P&G&r...

Name:Anne Villemoes

Company:Danish Crown

Position:head of communication

As head of communications for Danish Crown, an international food producer that has attracted the ire of animal lovers, Villemoes did not shy away from what had previously been a sensitive subject, but embraced it, an approach she explained in a speech to the European Association of Communications Directors that she titled “Managing Reputation When You Kill for a Living.” Discussing he...