Breakout Brands, an Evolutionary Approach to Creating Customer Passion


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30 October 2012


03:45 PM


Learn how organizations are adopting an evolutionary approach to the traditional Challenger Brand strategy to win market share. These “Breakout Brands” focus on the customer not the competition and inspire emotional attachment that can be measured at the cash register. Just released research will detail customer perceptions about the three types of Breakout Brands: emerging, engaged and established. Panelists from each brand type will discuss the benefits of the Breakout Brand strategy and the integrated marketing techniques they use to connect to audiences with passion and create new spaces that drive business results.


Name:Christine Barney

Company:rbb Public Relations


Christine M. Barney is chief executive officer and managing partner of rbb Public Relations, a four-time national Agency of the Year winner.  She oversees the development of client programs with an eye toward ensuring that meaningful results are measured and achieved. Barney develops multifaceted marketing communications programs for a variety of clients including Duncan Hines, DHL Exp...


Name:Joe Paluska

Company:Better Place

Position:Vice president communications

Joe Paluska is responsible for all aspects of communications at a worldwide level for Better Place. He oversees communication of the company’s vision, strategy, and execution. Specific areas of responsibility include global media relations, messaging, investor and industry analyst relations, and public affairs. In this role, he also works closely with Better Place operating companies at the ...

Name:Christina Perez-McDowell


Position:US brand manager

Christina Perez McDowell is a Senior Brand Manager on rum at Bacardi USA, Inc. where she leads public relations, experiential and business performance management. Recently, McDowell led a multi-faceted 150th Anniversary campaign which launched with a world class event in collaboration with Rolling Stone, and set a new standard for delivery of event execution and a...

Name:Michelle Weese

Company:Duncan Hines


Michelle Weese combines the discipline of winning global political campaigns and her experience in marketing and corporate communications to develop and execute insurgent strategy- a unique approach for unique times. During the toughest time in history for incumbent brands, Michelle is recognized as a change agent and she excels at turnaround situations, strategy development and deploying teams f...