Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets About Creativity And Decision Making


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30 October 2012


12:20 PM


Rob Flaherty, CEO of Ketchum, in conversation with neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman, explores how ideas and perception are formed in the brain and how unconscious decisions shape our daily lives and interactions.


Name:Rob Flaherty



Rob Flaherty is Senior Partner, and Chief Executive Officer of Ketchum, one of the world's top communications firms and PRWeek's 2012 Agency of the Year. Flaherty leads Ketchum's nine-member Worldwide Executive Committee to guide the strategy, client service and performance of the agency. Since joining Ketchum in 1989, Flaherty has been involved in all aspects of the firm's business, including ha...


Name:David Eagleman

Company:Baylor College of Medicine

Position:neuroscientist and author

David Eagleman is a daring young scientist who provides a new understanding of our brains—and ourselves. As a speaker, this Guggenheim Fellow is energizing, edifying, and able to connect scientific discovery to various fields—including literature, advertising, social media, and our justice system. Eagleman prompts us to celebrate how much, and how joyously little, we know about our concious selves...